Lifetools training and resources are not intended to replace counseling and other professional treatment. They are for educational purposes only.

Overcoming Addiction

Addiction Treatment is not one-size fits all.  Each individual's triggers, obstacles, and challenges differ from person to person.  Our training is NOT intended to replace professional therapy, but rather gives therapist and clients additional tools to help each client on their journey to recovery. 

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Lifetools is a giant toolbox of training and resources designed to help you overcome some of life's biggest obstacles.  This month's free resource is training and clinical research on the effectiveness of using Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy for treating Substance Abuse Disorders.

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What does our training look like?

  • Each course is broken down into small modules
  • Each course uses "drip style" which means once a client completes one module, the next one appears.
Course Drip Example

Each module contains a short video followed by a quiz to make sure the client has learned the key principles.

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